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A global online resource enabling science-based decisions on food & agriculture issues.

About Jill

Jill Clapperton PhD is the Principal Scientist and CEO of Rhizoterra Inc.

Rhizoterra Inc is an international food security consulting company guiding people, organizations, and corporations as they endeavor to create healthy productive soils that grow tasty nutrient dense food in a way that honours our farming culture, regenerates arable lands, and sustains environmental integrity.

Jill is an internationally recognized educator on how to create, measure, and maintain healthy productive soils that produce tasty nutrient dense food. With a PhD in Plant Ecophysiology, she worked as the Rhizosphere Ecologist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for 16 years before founding Rhizoterra Inc (a USA based company).

Jill plays a strategic role with many different organizations, including:

-- Board member for the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association coordinating the Farmed Smart Program that certifies farms as Sustainable and Regenerative

-- Rhizoterra is also a partner in Our Grounded Growth and the Real Food Campaign supporting markets for farmers that have healthy soils and grow nutrient dense food.

Jill also has experience as the R&D Director for Groviv a subsidiary of Nu Skin International. She helped her team recover a vertical farm, produce a green drink, and learned about compliance and manufacturing human supplements. She also built a laboratory and started exploring many of molecules in whole foods that can benefit human health, and then resigned in pursuit of nutrient dense foods.

Why Join?

Go beyond WATCHING videos of soil health experts -- engage with them!  

Our platform hosts new video-conferencing opportunities each month to ask questions of some of the most innovative farmers, chefs and food companies on the planet -- along with top soil health and nutrient density measurement expert, Dr. Jill Clapperton.

  • How can farmers regenerate the soil on their land so that they can spend less money on inputs and yet get better results for us and the planet?

  • How can chefs and food companies measure the nutrient density of food -- and how does more nutrient-dense food affect flavor?

  • How can health care professionals get a better understanding of the link between how food is grown - and how food can be used as medicine?

These and so many other topics are explored through the lens of top experts in the field.

Original Content That Makes You Better

Each month, our online community hosts several video-conferencing opportunities where members can ask questions of some of the most innovative farmers, chefs, and food companies on the planet.  Through Jill's extensive connections, you will have access to learning from top experts in the field without having to travel and pay costly conference fees.  

Weekly Consultation Opportunities

As a member of this community, you will get to ask any questions you have about projects you are working on -- directly to top soil health and nutrient density measurement expert, Jill Clapperton.  

From the science of measuring nutrient density, to the connection between nutrients and flavor to recommendations on cover crop mixes to try for solving a specific problem in the field -- you will have two opportunities each week to ask Jill whatever you'd like.

A Trusted Filter

Anyone can do a Google search to find content, but which experts are really trustworthy?  How does their expertise apply to your specific situation?  

Even if you find great content, there is little opportunity to ask questions or have a discussion with the expert.  

This community is both a trusted filter for the best, science-based resources to help you make better decisions for your business and a community that embraces a culture of continuous improvement and curiosity rather than being wedded to ideology.

We are your resource to turn to as you navigate the toughest issues in the food and agriculture space.

What Do You Get?

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